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$85.00 Plus $7.50 Shipping & Handling

What started it all:  our leg wraps!   We were using reflective leg wraps and lights on the boys' tails but still the drivers couldn't see us until they were too close for our comfort.  We decided to have wraps made with LEDs, that would start and stop automatically with the horses and that were waterproof.  When we finally got them, we discovered the boys loved them and would use the lights to help them see the road.  We enjoy watching the boys playing in the arena after dark, giving us a light show and letting us keep track of where they are at all times.

After struggling with flimsy hay bags that were too small for west coast bales, we designed hay bags that are large enough to hold slightly more than a bale so you can easily remove the flakes at feeding time.  With reinforced handles on all sides and double handles on the length for 2 person pick up, they're sturdy, water resistant, don't have the holes that let hay fly all over your car or truck and don't have pegs to catch on things when you're trying to move them around.

Finally!  A way to empty muck buckets without getting more on your hands than in the waste can or dumpster.