Going on these look like normal leg wraps but as soon as the horse starts moving, the difference becomes apparent immediately! The LEDs flash when your horse is moving and stop shortly after it stops.  You don't have to turn them on and off; that happens automatically.  Teddy's Twisted Products flashing leg wraps for horses are both fun and easy to use.

One customer loves to put them on his horse prior to competing in cattle sorting and other events; when the horse starts to go, so do the LEDs and the audience loves it.  Another uses them when practicing jumping and says spectators enthusiastically compliment her on how much fun it is to watch.  We just enjoy watching our boys racing around in them and have noticed that cars seem to stop sooner than they used to when we're coming home at night.  

One other thing we've noticed is that when we put them on their front legs at night, the boys will keep their heads lowered and use the flashing as little flashlights so they can see the potholes on our unimproved road.

Although our leg wraps are water resistant and hand washable, they may temporarily stop working when saturated, due to the cushioning effect of the water.  As they dry out, they will start functioning again.

Please remember to ask for Teddy's Twisted Products flashing reflective leg wraps for horses! 

Impact-Activated Flashing Leg Wraps

 (Patent Pending)

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Small  $17.00

5 LEDs in a single row

Teddy's Twisted Products Flashing Reflective Leg Wraps For Horses

Large $30.00

10 LEDs in 2 rows on the reflective tapes