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Thought For The Day

Teddy and Max love to stop cars so they can put their heads inside and look around.  They know that everyone carries treats or carrots and around our canyon that's frequently the case!
Teddy's Twisted Products is named after our horse, Teddy (Twisted Dancin' Boots), who is a total joy to be around.  He and our other horse, Max, constantly keep us on our toes and are quick to let us know when they are bored or in need of something.  Coming home to torn apart stalls with water buckets dumped and two horses looking at us with a "What?" expression is a sign that the boys want to go to the park and run around the arena.  Max is also our plumber horse - even copper pipes aren't immune to his decision to rip them out.

It is because of our love for our boys that we are always looking for ways to keep them amused and safe.  And thus, Teddy's Twisted Products was born.

Sometimes horses like to use a drive-up window that comes to them.

How they look

Thought For The Day

Teddy's Twisted Products